ViV Victoria

With its bright green leaves and intense, dark purple flowers that stick out nicely above the plant, the ViV Victoria is the showpiece of your patio or garden. The ViV Victoria flowers profusely from September to April.

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ViV Valentina

The ViV Valentina is a real spring rose that has beautiful, deep red flowers from January to the end of March.  The flowers of the ViV Valentina are the first sign of spring on your patio!

ViV Vera

The ViV Vera stands out with its beautiful double red flowers. Blooming starts early, from November

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ViV Rosa

Viv Rosa has a subtle pink blush in the flowers and exudes elegance. The Viv Rosa is in bloom from January.

ViV Valeria

The Viv Valeria stands out because of its lavish flowers, which are in bloom from November. This strong variety provides colours in the winter months.

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ViV Viviana

Viv Viviana is a strong variety that is best suited to smaller pots. Its abundant flowers bloom from November.