Helleborus ViV® Albert

ViV® Albert

ViV® Albert can’t be placed in a gender box. In contrast to his peers, he opts for a subtle hint of pink. And why not? The amount of flowers he produces is less subtle. Unprecedented! He just keeps on going. In the beginning there’s nothing, until they each pop out one by one. ViV® Albert is a genuine treat for the eye.

Helleborus ViV® Alessandra

ViV® Alessandra

ViV® Alessandra is the very picture of elegance. She might look white from afar, but when you get closer you immediately fall for her soft pink hue with a subtle speckle. She spontaneously makes you think of spring, of something fresh, something pure. And did we already mention that she produces a lot of flowers?

Helleborus ViV® Alessia

ViV® Alessia

ViV® Alessia has everything you need to brighten up your garden. Especially in autumn. When other plants are giving in, she proudly holds up her soft pink double flowers. She really shines, with dark pink lines emerging from her buttery yellow heart. This gives her a head start over other Helleborus varieties.

Helleborus ViV® Alexander

ViV® Alexander

ViV® Alexander is a white Christmas rose with a gold heart. Pure luxury in your garden. This very generous variety will brighten up your winter garden with no fewer than three buds on one stem. Cold, rain, wind… ViV® Alexander can handle it all. In fact, his flowers tuck themselves in when it snows. A protective mechanism that allows them to bloom for even longer. A reverence for nature.

ViV Alma

ViV® Alma

ViV® Alma truly is a sight to behold. She is pure white with subtle purple speckles. Her large flowers slowly unfold and then delight onlookers for a long time. Another thing that stands out? Her perfection. No sharp edges anywhere, everything is beautifully even and rounded. Such an eye-catcher! 

Helleborus ViV® Amalia

ViV® Amalia

Let’s all bow down to ViV® Amalia. In the autumn, this regal variety really stands out. Even in the shade, her bright white double flowers will light up your garden. A stately lady who holds onto her beauty for a long time. From white to cream, ending the season in stylish green.

Helleborus ViV® Ariana

ViV® Ariana

ViV® Ariana really brightens up autumn. She mainly stands out as a result of her exuberant character. And her colour: raspberry pink. This variety enjoys life to the full, and this is clearly evident from stem to flower. Put her together with other ViV® varieties to ensure a colourful party every day.

Helleborus ViV® Batista

ViV® Batista

They almost look like they were drawn with a compass, the purple petals of ViV® Batista are so beautifully shaped. They appear from October onwards. No problem with winter blues, because she just keeps on flowering. The colder it gets, the more intense her colour becomes. Feel free to put her on the terrace combined with various heathers (Calluna Vulgaris, Erica Gracilis). A match made in heaven. 

Helleborus ViV® Benedetta

ViV® Benedetta

A light pastel colour in autumn, and a slightly darker shade in winter. ViV® Benedetta gives you two for the price for one. You can’t stop looking at her. Her heart is a little darker, fading towards the edge of the leaf. With her double flowers, she is sometimes compared to a Dahlia. Truly special, something for people who want more in life! 

Helleborus ViV® Bianca

ViV® Bianca

ViV® Bianca is our Helleborus 2.0. She is even better at withstanding frost, has decorative green marbled leaves, can withstand sun and produces very large, perfect flowers up to 10 cm in diameter. And she never stops flowering, so you can enjoy ViV® Bianca on your terrace or in the garden for months. She gracefully retains her beauty and white colour. Do you know the best way to recognise her? By the red pistils in the heart of the flowers.

Helleborus ViV® Carlotta

ViV® Carlotta

ViV® Carlotta was given her name for good reason. She is a strong lady, as you can see from the flowers that stand on sturdy stems above the plant. From Christmas to Easter, this pink variety will brighten up your terrace. You can also cut the stems and bring the candy colour into your home. 

Helleborus ViV® Catharina

ViV® Catharina

Frivolous and striking. Meet ViV® Catharina. She conquers all hearts with her beautiful pink double flowers. This lady also thrives in a flowerpot (Ø19 cm). Put her outside your door and she will prove the ideal hostess. Give her something to drink regularly, but remember that she doesn’t like getting wet feet. 

Helleborus ViV® Celestina

ViV® Celestina

ViV® Celestina is a treat for the eye. ‘Have you seen me?’ this variety seems to shout. She is truly unique. Fine, speckled lines emerge from her heart. Each flower seems personally drawn by hand. You can’t stop looking at them. And that’s exactly what this variety craves!

ViV Cinzia

ViV® Cinzia

ViV® Cinzia stands out due to her sturdy, dark green foliage which combines beautifully with her large white flowers. The anemone-shaped flower is quite a sight. The greenish yellow heart has an additional border of mini petals that are framed in turn by a crown of pure white petals. Winter wedding plans? Don’t be without the sophisticated flowers of ViV® Cinzia!

Helleborus ViV® Clarissa

ViV® Clarissa

ViV® Clarissa becomes more beautiful and voluptuous over the years. From December onwards, she provides a yellow glow. Yellow with a hint of green in the middle. And every year, she adds a little something extra. An evergreen, or ‘everyellow’ if such a thing existed. And that’s quite special, as there are few Helleborus varieties in this colour.

ViV Diana

ViV® Diana

Lady ViV® Diana lives up to her name. Modest as a crown princess, she inclines from soft pink to warmer pink as it gets colder. But she is never average. In fact she’s a little eccentric. With her open flower shape, she stands out from other varieties. She is radiant, yet with a hint of mystery. Well worth discovering. 

Helleborus ViV® Dorisa

ViV® Dorisa

ViV® Dorisa starts off modestly. But make no mistake, this plant has a lot to offer. With her white flowers with a red speckle, she seduces friend and foe alike! She has sturdy stems and can reach a height of 40 to 60 cm. Each stem easily produces 5 to 6 flowers. Before you know it, ViV® Dorisa will have transformed a bare spot in your garden into a flowering winter forest. And who could possibly object to that?

ViV Edward

ViV® Edward

ViV® Edward is a protector of heritage. The ideal Helleborus for your front door, garden or terrace. He has snow-white double flowers that look so perfect you wonder if they’re even real. Have you got visitors? Snip off a few flower stems and pop them in a vase.

Helleborus ViV® Elena

ViV® Elena

ViV® Elena is a strong-willed lady. Stately, voluminous and determined. She just keeps on producing flowers. Even until April. The colder it gets, the more intense the red colour becomes. A fiery diva who likes to be compared to a bouquet of flowers in the garden. Only have a terrace? Not a problem. She’s quite willing to be tamed in a large pot.

Helleborus ViV® Eleonora

ViV® Eleonora

ViV® Eleonora stands out due to her deep red colour. Generous with her flowers, she lends a warm glow to every garden. Contrasting with her dark green leaves, this makes her perfectly cast for The Most Wonderful Time of the year: Christmas. Put her in a red pot to add the perfect finishing touch. 

Helleborus ViV® Eloisa

ViV® Eloisa

ViV® Eloisa is a quirky lady who shows off her beauty early in the autumn. She already reveals her first flowers in October. Large and rose red in colour. And the closer we get to winter, the more intense the colour and speckle become. A lady with an attitude! 

Helleborus ViV® Elsa

ViV® Elsa

There’s no less is more for ViV® Elsa. Exuberant and wild, that’s the best way to describe her. Like a red fury, she sways along with the wind. Ideal for combining in a border with grasses, bringing colour to the garden in winter. Still keen to tame her all the same? Then put her in a large pot (Ø17 cm). She will reward you with an amazing show of flowers! 

ViV Fenna

ViV® Fenna

ViV® Fenna is full of life force. Bright, with intense pink flowers even after blooming. Generous because she keeps on giving flowers. A sturdy lady that does not drop her head even in strong gusts of wind. Proudly upright in a nice pot or in the garden. Let her flourish and shine in the sun. Snow or frost? Even then she doesn’t budge. A fixture every year.

Helleborus ViV® Fiorentina

ViV® Fiorentina

Early in the year, ViV® Fiorentina will brighten up your garden. She really is something to look forward to. See her standing there: dazzling, upright on a sturdy stem with pale speckles on her dark pink flowers. Instant happiness guaranteed! Let her shine in the garden or put her in a vase. 

ViV George

ViV® George

His Highness ViV® George wears his crown with due pride. His snow-white double flowers simply exude luxury. Ideal for the Christmas holidays. Put him in a beautiful vase or incorporate him into a flower arrangement. The perfect gift for people who want the best in life! 

ViV Halina

ViV® Halina

ViV® Halina doesn’t just sound exotic, she is. Her intensely purple, almost black petals give her an oriental look. What luxury! With her golden yellow heart and perfectly aligned petals, she exudes pure class. 

Helleborus ViV® Hindrik

ViV® Hindrik

ViV® Hindrik spoils you with large, pure white flowers. He takes his time. First one flower, then the next… Until suddenly you don’t know where to look. What a profusion of flowers. The long flowering period is great too. Another bonus? Snip off the green leaves and use the flowers in a Christmas arrangement. Success is guaranteed.

Helleborus ViV® Jacobella

ViV® Jacobella

ViV® Jacobella defies rain and wind. With her sturdy stems, lush leaves and purple flowers, she exudes pure vigour. Just look at those flowers, always proudly upright. And when it gets a bit cooler, she also changes her colour from red to purple and dark purple.

ViV Laura

ViV® Laura

ViV® Laura can easily fill a space. She needs space in order to truly shine. And rightly so, as with her double flowers she attracts all the attention. Especially at Christmas. That’s when she’s at her best. As decoration in the garden. Or better still, as a hostess outside your front door. Put her in a pot (Ø15 – 19 cm) and she will greet your guests as they arrive.

Helleborus ViV® Liliana

ViV® Liliana

ViV® Liliana is a real diva. Intense red, multi spikes, lots of flowers… In short, everything in abundance. But not all at the same time, so you can enjoy her for an extra long period from October onwards. 

Helleborus ViV® Lucrezia

ViV® Lucrezia

ViV® Lucrezia has anemone-shaped flowers. She also hides a second flower in her heart. Yellow is the common thread here. The colour of hope, of a new beginning. In perfect contrast with the dark green of the leaves. The perfect boost for any winter garden. ‘Hang in there, spring is coming,’ she seems to whisper softly. 

ViV Luisa

ViV® Luisa

ViV® Luisa simply radiates mystery. Layered with deep dark double flowers, she reminds you of a peony. But don’t be fooled. She is and remains a true Helleborus. In the garden, she likes to be surrounded by white cyclamen or white ViV® Helleborus varieties. But inside, she wouldn’t look out of place in a luxurious bouquet either. 

Helleborus ViV® Maeva

ViV® Maeva

ViV® Maeva is a late bloomer. She only reveals her secrets after Christmas. Suddenly, you will see her standing there in bright yellow with red freckles. A dazzling sight during the darkest period of the year. Her competitors are still hibernating at that point, so the garden is entirely hers. With any luck, she’ll last until Easter. A top variety.

Helleborus ViV® Micaela

ViV® Micaela

ViV® Micaela is a true eye-catcher. She has compact leaves, so it is mainly her white double flowers that attract attention. Put her in the garden and she will instantly light up the darkest corners. But she also comes into her own on the terrace. 

Helleborus ViV® Milana

ViV® Milana

Compact and abundant. They might seem like two opposing qualities, but ViV® Milana has them both. She doesn’t reveal her secrets straight away though. First she develops her leaves, and only then the flowers. A beautiful red, just like her stems. A one-off.

Helleborus ViV® Mirabella

ViV® Mirabella

Spring bloomer ViV® Mirabella could definitely be called eye candy. Literally, too. She conquers all hearts with her beautiful candy-pink double flowers. And rightly so, because she is extremely generous. She just keeps on producing flowers. And yet she remains modest in size. She knows her place. Small but sweet!

ViV Nova

ViV® Nova

ViV® Nova has enough energy for three. She already starts showing off her raspberry-pink, double flowers in October. And she carries on doing so for quite a while. She holds an abundance of flowers proudly above her leaves, never hanging her head. And she still retains her colour even after flowering. A true superwoman.

Helleborus ViV® Olivia

ViV® Olivia

Compact and bijou! With ViV® Olivia, it’s a party on your terrace every day. She might be compact, but what an abundance of flowers. She just keeps on giving. A true flower bomb, according to enthusiasts. And a little mysterious at the same time, because is she actually pink, white or cream-coloured? She only reveals her secrets as time goes by. This lady retains her splendour well beyond the expiry date. 

Helleborus ViV® Patrizia

ViV® Patrizia

A star is born. ViV® Patrizia has a starlike quality. She sparkles with her large, intense reddish-purple flowers and deep yellow heart. She will light up your garden from October onwards, when other plants go into hibernation. 

Helleborus ViV® Raffaella

ViV® Raffaella

ViV® Raffaella is one of a kind. Her colour is particularly striking. Different shades of pink, orange and cream contrast with a dark stem and deep green leaves. She starts in January and continues to bloom for months. Even when the flowers are past their best, they remain beautiful and decorate the plant. With ViV® Raffaella on your terrace, winter is bound to be colourful!

ViV Rosa

ViV® Rosa

Here’s spring, here’s ViV® Rosa. Ah, la ‘ViV’ en rose. With a healthy pink blush on her white petals, she is perfection itself. Her leaves look like they’ve been measured to the nearest millimetre. With her thick stem, she is both elegant and strong. In short, a top model. 

ViV Rosanna

ViV® Rosanna

ViV® Rosanna cannot be pinned down to a single colour. She is both white and pink. The best of both worlds. Her flowers can reach up to 10 cm and look you straight in the eye. And the flowers are still beautiful when they are past their best. ViV® Rosanna will bring you months of enjoyment. Plant her in your garden and watch her give more flowers year after year.

Helleborus ViV® Samantha

ViV® Samantha

ViV® Samantha isn’t quick to reveal her secrets. But in return, you get to enjoy her opulent beauty for an extra long time. Because after a while, her creamy white flowers start to open. The stately, upright head forms a beautiful contrast against the brown-red stem. She doesn’t give up easily. Even after her flowers are past their best, she still keeps looking fresh and proud.

Helleborus ViV® Sara

ViV® Sara

With her creamy white petals, ViV® Sara might look modest. But make no mistake, this lady sees the big picture. Not so much in terms of height, but of width. Give her a large pot and she will thank you with a profusion of flowers. From cream-coloured buds to lime green at the end of the flowering season. And the season goes on for a very long time indeed! A real go-getter, this lady.

Helleborus ViV® Scarletta

ViV® Scarletta

ViV® Scarletta ranges from blood red to soft red. She blooms from January and produces strikingly large flowers. Another remarkable fact? Her beauty only increases as the years go by. From an attractive and youthful appearance to timeless beauty. Her secret? She can withstand both frost and sun. 

Helleborus ViV® Serafina

ViV® Serafina

ViV® Serafina likes to play with contrasts. Her yellow petals stand out against the fiery red markings that emerge from her heart. She is both fiery and intense. Ideal for those cold winter days. Want to ensure a hit at Christmas? Put her in a vase and she will definitely steal the show.

Helleborus ViV® Stefania

ViV® Stefania

If there were a Champions League for the Helleborus, ViV® Stefania would be on the podium for sure. Even though she doesn’t have the typical look of a Helleborus. Her speckled double flowers look rather like pom-poms and are reminiscent of peonies and Dahlias. But ViV® Stefania doesn’t let herself be put in a box. She is way too versatile for that, and also hard to get. A true collector’s item, this winner.

ViV Teodora

ViV® Teodora

ViV® Teodora is dark red with sturdy stems. Ideal for use in a vase. Or in the winter garden. When there is a frost, she lets her flowers droop. Not because she’s giving up. On the contrary, in fact. She does it to protect herself. Frost over? She springs straight back to life and shines like never before. A wonder of nature. 

Helleborus ViV® Teresa

ViV® Teresa

ViV® Teresa is wild at heart. Her deep pink petals flutter casually in the wind. But what stands out the most is the crown of small petals around her heart. Just like there’s another flower hidden inside there. But beautifully untamed.

ViV® Valentina

ViV® Valentina

ViV® Valentina has really earned her name. She is at her best on Valentine’s Day. Perfectly timed as an original gift for your loved one. No reason to celebrate love? Give this heart stealer a place in your garden anyway. Her purple flowers will herald spring. Spring fever, anyway. 

ViV® Valeria

ViV® Valeria

You can take ViV® Valeria in any direction. The pot size determines her looks. If you like small and cute, pop her in a smaller pot (Ø13-15). Want more? Then put her in a large pot (Ø17-19) and she will grow fast. Whatever pot size you choose, ViV® Valeria will last for a long time. She gives the best of herself for months at a time. Her colour ranges from cream to pastel to deep pink. And the flowers still provide spectacular colour when they are past their best. In other words, she is certainly never boring.

ViV® Vera

ViV® Vera

ViV® Vera is a true diva. Wild and voluminous. Perfect imperfection. That’s why she prefers the urban jungle to a neatly mowed lawn. By the way, she doesn’t take any nonsense. At 55 cm, she can totally stand her own among other vigorous plants. 

ViV® Victoria

ViV® Victoria

You will never get bored with ViV® Victoria. First cherry red, then aubergine purple. With her thin stems, she might seem fragile. But appearances can be deceptive. This lady bears her name with suitable flair. From September to April, she defies rain and wind. Whatever mood she’s in, she always stands out. 

Helleborus ViV® Viktor

ViV® Viktor

‘The more flowers, the more joy I can bring’, ViV® Viktor seems to think. And he just keeps on giving. Put a single ViV® Viktor on your terrace and you will be rewarded with a sea of snow-white flowers. Great value for money! 

Helleborus ViV® Vince

ViV® Vince

ViV® Vince stands out from November onwards. He produces an abundance of perfect white flowers, not to mention plenty of leaves. In short, he doesn’t need much and yet can easily fill a pot. 

ViV Viviana

ViV® Viviana

ViV® Viviana is quite a sight. She will reveal her secrets safely in a smaller pot (Ø13-15) on your terrace. Her exuberant flowers, from creamy white to lime green, are produced for months until she is ready for a new adventure. Plant her in your garden so you can enjoy her splendour for even longer. 

Helleborus ViV® Wanda

ViV® Wanda

There’s never a dull moment with ViV® Wanda. She starts off with pink in her buds, which then develop into large creamy-white flowers. And when the end approaches, this fresh Helleborus turns pink once again. Along the way, she undergoes an incredible growth spurt. So be sure to give her a large pot so she can really perform at her best. 

Helleborus ViV® Willem

ViV® Willem

ViV® Willem is in every inch a gentleman. Stylish in white and green, he will win over your terrace in no time at all. He stands out thanks to his exuberant flowering habit. If you would like this gentleman a little closer, no problem: he will gladly give up his green leaves. Let him flourish in a vase or cherish him in a homemade flower arrangement.